August schedule


And we made more appointment times available! Yay!

Now that we have gotten used to the new safety protocols,
we will be returning to our original schedule of 10 minute appointments. 
(We had been scheduling every 15 minutes in July.)

Of course, you still may rest with the needles for up to an hour from the start of your scheduled appointment time.

By scheduling every 10 minutes instead of every 15 minutes,
more appointments will be available each shift!

Since we removed chairs from the clinic to make sure that everyone was spaced well over 6 feet apart, our new schedule means that we will need to use every chair in the room.

You will be seated in counterclockwise order around the room. 
Because we disinfect each chair, stool, and needle station after each patient,
this seating arrangement allows us to keep track of which chairs have been cleaned,
and gives them time to dry completely so that the disinfection process is complete.

Because we will need to use each chair in the room,
please be on time for your appointment!

We may not have room for you if you arrive late to your appointment.

After we get used to the new 10 minute appointment times,
we will look into expanding our hours in the fall. 

As always, thank you for your patience with us as we get comfortable with the new protocols. We are getting our backs and knees used to all of the bending / squatting / cleaning before we expand how many hours we work each shift!