Now offering private and community treatments!

Chronic pain? Sports injury?  Schedule a private pain management treatment.

All sessions include acupuncture treatment on a table with spinal needling and motor nerve entry point needling.


Sessions will be customized to your condition with:

РThorough posture evaluation
– Manual muscle testing
– Myofascial massage release
– Demonstration of exercises to help correct posture imbalances that contribute to pain and illness

Introductory sliding scale: $60 – $80

Note: If you are a new patient, we will ask you to schedule your first treatment in our community clinic, and to receive a few community treatments before starting the private sessions. We start with distal treatments to reduce pain and inflammation, before transitioning to local needling in the private sessions.


Stay tuned!  We will be updating our website and blog with in-depth information about the private treatments soon!

Private + Community schedule
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