Temporarily closed

Many Rivers is temporarily closed.

We WILL reopen!
We do not have a definite date yet.

Governor Lamont unveiled a four-stage strategy to reopen Connecticut beginning May 20, as long as coronavirus hospitalizations decline, more testing becomes available and a contact tracing program gets underway.

The plan will start with “Reopen Level 4” which includes the opening of offices, retail stores, hair and nail salons, outdoor areas at restaurants and outdoor museums and zoos.

As much as we would love to open on May 20, our clinic is not on the Reopen Level 4 list. 

Connecticut's 4 stage reopening levels

Businesses that can open on May 20

We will follow our Governor’s orders regarding when we can reopen.  The Governor’s Reopening Advisory Board said that there would be at least four weeks between each stage of the reopening plan.  Therefore, we are hoping that we may be able to open towards the end of June.

Our priority is to keep you and our staff safe. 

Right now, we are working with other community acupuncture clinics as well as our state and national acupuncture organizations in collaboration with the CDC to identify the steps we need to take to ensure your safety once we reopen.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we will continue to communicate with you every step along the way.

We will post on our website, blog, and our online schedule as soon as we have a re-opening date.  We will also change our outgoing voicemail message.

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If you are looking for resources to help you stay healthy while we are closed, please leave a voicemail at (860) 683-0011 and we will return your call.

Our hearts go out to each and every one of you during this difficult time We know that for many of you, our community clinic is a safe haven from the outside world. It pains us to not be here when you need us.  But we must take precautions to protect our vulnerable populations.  Thank you for your understanding.

Be safe, stay healthy, and rest assured we will re-open as soon as we can.