Want herbs to boost your immune system? Help seasonal allergies, arthritis pain, digestive disorders?  Contact our favorite local herbalists who can do a telephone intake and prescribe herbs and liniments for you from the comfort of your own home.

Barbara Scavotto, EWCH, at Autumn Tide Herbal Wellness in Enfield is a clinical herbalist specializing in Traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine.  (Some of you may recognize Barbara since she interned at Many Rivers years ago when she was doing her herbal training!)

Jill Kleiber, L.Ac., at West Hartford Acupuncture in West Hartford is an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese herbalist with a Masters in Oriental Medicine (MSOM).

We highly recommend Barbara and Jill for all of your herbal needs!

Autumn Tide Herbal WellnessWest Hartford Acupuncture

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