We LOVE community acupuncture 
and we are
committed to keeping our prices 
as low as possible. 

As always, pay what you can afford,  
no questions asked. 


Community acupuncture: returning patients
$30 – $45 sliding scale 
($25 hardship rate) 


$25: Hardship rate: Contributes but doesn’t cover the full cost of your treatment

$30: Community rate: Covers the cost of your treatment

$35: Compassion rate: Covers your treatment cost AND covers a patient paying the hardship rate

$45: Sustainer rate: Helps us continue to have a sliding scale while ensuring our bills our paid and our staff has a living wage!


Late cancellation fee: $25

Late arrival fee: $25

No-show fee: $35



New patient fees will increase to a $50 flat rate for the new patient intake and treatment, and a $50 late cancellation/late arrival/no show fee.

Private treatment fees will stay the same with the exception of the late cancellation fee increasing to $60 and the no-show fee increasing to $70.


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stay in business during these
challenging times! 

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