Many Rivers Community Acupuncture is pleased to announce that we have provided over 10,000 affordable acupuncture treatments since our opening in May 2011.

We believe that access to affordable health care is a fundamental right.  With the costs of health insurance and medical care skyrocketing, the community acupuncture model is working to help people get the care they need without breaking the bank.  Simple, low-cost acupuncture treatments often provide better results than expensive medicines and invasive surgeries.  Instead of masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals, acupuncture stimulates the body’s own self-healing mechanisms to help the body heal itself.

Patients have been coming to Many Rivers for everything from headaches and back pain to insomnia and IBS.  And at 10,000 treatments and counting, we hope to continue to be an integral part of the local community’s health care team.  Thanks to everyone for your support over the past two years!

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