Ear seeds

Ear seeds are small seeds placed on tape and used to stimulate pressure points on your ear.  You can put them on yourself at home, and press them gently to calm the mind and soothe anxiety.

Ear seeds are affordable and you can easily order them online (search for “vaccaria ear seeds”).

There are four points we recommend for anxiety:

Shenmen: known as “Spirit Gate,” this point calms the mind and is used for stress, anxiety and depression. It lies in the valley called the triangular fossa, at the lateral 1/3 edge.

Liver: In Chinese Medicine, the Liver plays a major role in managing our emotions and stress.  This point reduces stress as well as increases circulation in the body. It is located in the superior concha of the ear.

Spleen:  The Spleen is associated with worry and over-thinking in Chinese Medicine. Pressing this point strengthens the Spleen to reduce anxiety and worry, and also boosts the digestive and immune systems.  This point is located directly below the Liver point.

Lung:  This point stimulates the healthy energy of the Lungs, and also can release grief.  It is located in the depression of the ear called the cavum concha. If you put the seed just slightly above the exact center of the cavum concha, you will stimulate your upper lungs.

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